American Private Club Operation Model &

Swiss Five Star Hotel Management Standard

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Professional Team


♦ Pre-opening team: all participate pre-opening and operating different kinds of luxury clubs owned by real estate companies, public companies, large organizations and individual investors.

♦ Management team: all hold background of international five-star hotel service or luxury private clubs management or luxury brands marketing.



Powerful Headquarter


♦ Membership marketing: Based on membership card management system, our senior club marketing experts delivering a series of services such as membership sales, membership management, members maintenance, and personal tailor.

♦ Talent supply: Following international standard, we recruit only the best, train them professionally and assign them to the most appropriate positions.

♦ International talent introduction: Cooperating with Swiss well-known hotel management school, we consistently introduce professional management talents with international background.

♦ Back-up service: Overall supplier management, material distribution, interior upgrade, events planning, branding promotion, channel cooperation, platform building and marketing strategy, etc.



Powerful membership card mutual benefit system


♦ Through Sea Club Management’s unique membership mutual benefit system, members of all clubs under management of SEA CLUB can enjoy a one-card-for-all benefit that consumption becomes so easy. SEA CLUB HEADQUARTER provides unified membership sales management, backstage-integrated service, member account management and events information push service. This system makes membership card values maximized, member resources sharing maximized, and single club operation risk minimized.


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