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EHL is located at west of Switzerland. Founded in 1893, it’s the first hotel management school in the world. Along with Cornell University USA, EHL is the best for hotel management education in the word. EHL turns out to be very international, while its 1700 students are from 87 countries, French and English are used in teaching which students can choose freely as communication language. EHL is well known as doing rigorous scholarship, combining tradition and modern development. The teaching and practice reflect both traditional hotel service techniques and modern hotel management.


Arch Art

Arch Art specializes in visual expression and art performance. Arch Art makes creative design for meetings and large-scale events to satisfy needs in promotion, entertainment and professional application. The past achievement includes: 2007 World Famous Chinese Award Ceremony, 2008 Beijing Auto Show, 2006 Chinese Beauty Contest, 2005 Chinese Beauty Contest, etc.



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