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China Merchants Group She Kou – Kin Bay Club


Kin Bay Club is near CMG’s mid-levels harbour villa – JingShanJinHai, across NanHai Avenue of SheKou port. Its curved main structure makes a remarkable landmark. In here, rich culture and modern fashion melt into a unique urban taste. Followed a long tradition of heartfelt hospitality in China, Kin Bay Club pays attention to every tiny detail to make every check-in an unforgettable memory and unparalleled experience.


Kin Bay Club is equipped with 9 different VIP rooms and functional hall, modern restaurant and fashionable bar. It contains: Paris Garden (lounge bar) that can overlook sea view, Shanghai Court (JiangNan Cuisine) that is modern and fashionable, Canton Restaurant (Canton Cuisine)which is traditional and elegant, Beijing Hall (Zen Tea) which is of primitive simplicity and elegant, London Way (European seafood Western-style food) which is lavish and sophisticated, New York Street (KTV entertainment) which is splendid and beautiful, “Breeze” brings a quiet corner for business meeting in busy city, “Blues” offers a private meeting, wine, cigar and other personal services, “Waterside Pavilion” movie theater brings utmost audio visual experience. All functions are set up in an exquisite way, and show unique grandness and delicacy of Kin Bay Club. Here you can enjoy the most renowned style, thoughtful services, and pleasing environment. All these are for our noble guests to have unparalleled experience of business leisure.

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